a beautiful possession


 This record came out of the horrors of 9-11. Zah had written several songs prior, and in the aftermath of the tragedy, he and producer Jon Denney went into the studio to create something positive. Zach plays much of the guitar and all the vocals on the recording. This record also features a much more electronic feel than any prior recording. Features Distracted, Lavender, Son of the Circus, and Sundown.

Track List

  1. Beautiful Possession
  2. Shadow Man
  3. Maybe It's You
  4. Distracted
  5. Here is Today
  6. Son of the Circus
  7. Wild Cherry
  8. Lavender
  9. Liar
  10. Who I Am
  11. Green
  12. Sundown
  13. Lavender (Part 2)

 Zach - Guitars and Vox

Mike Holloran - Percussion

Jon Denney - keys, samples, beats

Jeff Neisel - Guitar on Son of the Circus and Sundown

Mike Crow - Bass on Son of the Circus and Sundown

Charley Newcomer - Drums on Son of the Circus and Sundown