Recorded in Cleveland at the Bright Lights' studio, Luminosity is a great representation of the band style and sound. Featuring great songs like Great Beautifier, Surround Me, and Look See, this record was a wonderful opportunity for the band to spread its sound and dial in what it does best. 

Track List

  1. Invocation
  2. Great Beautifier
  3. Look See
  4. Surround Me
  5. I Wont Be Gone Too Long
  6. Sea Monsters
  7. Over the Road
  8. Shoulder
  9. Tunnel Vision
  10. Shoulder (Radio Edit)

 Zach - Guitar and Vox, sounds

Charlie Trenta - Guitar, Backing Vox, Sounds

Michael Marotta - Organ, keys, sounds

Neil Keating - Bass, Backing vox

Chris Maneri - Drums, sounds

Chris Haas - Banjo, slide guitar, sounds

Mixed by Chris Maneri and Michael Marotta.

Mastered by Fc Bester at FcB Mastering.

Graphic design by Lesley Katzenmeyer.

Lyrics are here: