...that being said...(ep)


 This collection of songs were written shortly after What I Meant to Say was released. This includes some of the most emotionally powerful music Zach has released. Bobby was written about Bobby Kennedy and the revival of his memory during the 2008 Presidential election. Violet is a tribute to one of Zach's longest friends, who had recently had a daughter (Violet). Plus a live track is also featured.

Track List

  1. This Is What It Is (To Be Loved)
  2. Bobby
  3. Violet
  4. Ever After (Live)
  5. Cameron's Rap (Life Reprise)

 Zach - Guitar and Vox

Charlie Trenta - Guitar and Backing Vox

Michael Marotta - Organ and keys

Neil Keating - Bass and Backing Vox

Dominic Tancredi - Drums

Brandan Austin - Drums on Violet

This is What It Is and Bobby recorded at Lava Room Studio, Cleveland.

Violet recorded at UHF Studio, Cleveland. Chris Maneri mixing engineer.

Live tracks recorded at Cuyahoga Falls High School by Chris Pepe.