The Antidote


Zach and The Bright Lights’ latest album inspires, provides The Antidote

AKRON—No matter what ails you, The Antidote is coming on December 6.

After 15 years of recording, Akron-based singer-songwriter, Zach, will release his 15th record, The

Antidote, which is also his fifth record with his backing band, The Bright Lights.

The title of this latest album derives from Zach’s personal journey through depression to emerge with

even greater optimism. He speaks of music as his own personal cure. “Music is so powerful. It can

touch a soul at such a level as nothing else can,” Zach said.

But The Antidote is also a band album, and this latest offering from The Bright Lights is a new step in

the evolution of the band. Michael Marotta (keys), Charlie Trenta (lead guitar), Neil Keating (bass), and

Chris Maneri (drums) combine with Zach’s impassioned songwriting and vocals to sculpt a sound akin

to the singer/songwriters of the ‘70s, mixed with touches of Bon Iver and ‘80s pop, a healthy helping of

soul, and a layer of crisp Americana.

The Antidote also ventures thematically into new territory for The Bright Lights: modern-day social

ills, and curing them. Zach said he wants this album to “inspire people to their highest goodness, to

encourage us all to manifest this goodness in some way in our lives.” This idea echoes in “Ignite the

Soul,” when he sings, “Give, give, the gifts you give. Ignite the soul."

In the past few years, Zach’s become as equally known for the kinetic energy of his live performances

as he has for his community activism, being named “Humanitarian of the Year” by Akron Life Magazine.

This album reflects that vocation and passion. Songs like “Ohio Breaking,” the anti-fracking anthem

“I Want a Future Too,” and the environmentally-conscious “Pledge” raise awareness, while songs

like “Hymn” remind us that, "when the world comes to drag you down, light your smile, it keeps the

darkness out."

“I Want a Future Too” has already gained recognition from some other songwriter-activists as a winning

entry in an Artists Against Fracking contest judged by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon.

And anyone who’s seen Zach perform live will recognize “Manifest,” the song he professes as his life’s

philosophy, with the chorus, “We should manifest ourselves in exquisiteness every chance we get."

Track List

  1. I Want a Future Too
  2. Ignite the Soul
  3. Dream Singer
  4. Surround Me
  5. Beats Louder Than Sounds
  6. Manifest
  7. Hymn
  8. Ohio Breaking
  9. Peace by Piece
  10. Plants
  11. 2AM Txt
  12. The Future (Reprise)
  13. Find Your Way Home

 Zach - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Handclaps, Out of Tune Piano, Vocal Choirs, Lovingkindness Meditations
Charlie Trenta - Electric guitar, Mandolin, Electric Ukulele, Backing Vocals, Handclaps, Hair Band References
Michael Marotta - Organs and Keyboards, Ukulele, Handclaps, Backing Vocals, Noises, Awesome Horns, Running Shoes
Neil Keating - Bass, Synth Bass, Backing Vocals, Handclaps, Browns Sweatshirt
Chris Maneri - Drums, Percussion, Harmonica, Tambourine, Handclaps, the 80s
Chris Haas - Piano, Symphony

All songs by Zach, except Find Your Way Home by Zach/C. Trenta/M.Marotta & Peace By Piece by Zach and C. Cable.

Recorded at UhF Studios Cleveland.
Engineered by Chris Maneri and Michael Marotta.
Produced by the Bright Lights.
Mixed by Michael Marotta and Chris Maneri.
Mastered by Fc Bester with FcB Mastering, Columbus, Ohio.
Cover photo by Zach.
Graphic art by Tofu Cat.