Voice in the Wilderness


 The 17th release by Zach is his most spiritual and social.

Track List

  1. Sun and Moon Together
  2. Conscience Calls
  3. Illusion
  4. I Want a Future Too
  5. Round and Round
  6. Shero
  7. This, I Believe
  8. Winter Love
  9. Others
  10. Only Use What We Need
  11. Build Something
  12. I Dance, You're the Rhythm
  13. The Step

 Zach: All instruments and voices

Tony DeMarcado: Drums and Cajon, Percussion.

Tom Zocolo: Bass on Sheroes, Sun and Moon Together, This I Believe

Recorded by Tony DeMarcado at Spiral Pyramid Studios. Mixed by Tony DeMarcado and Ryan Lubin.

I Want a Future Too - co-written and guest vocals by John Burton.

Illusions co-written with Emma Shepard.

Others co-written by Doug Kreitzer.

Photography by Kevin Richards.