Ignite the Soul Live!

What followed was a true celebration of spirituality, life and love. There was a mixture of Kirtan-based chanting and Zach’s original music. Zach’s music is far from the pop-based content one hears on commercial radio, preaching endless parties and jilted love. He spoke of the deeper meaning of what it is to be human and act from a heart filled with an appreciation for life. He reminds the audience that we are empty vessels, with a lifetime of knowledge to be learned. He spoke of guides along the path, namely his father, who had recently passed away. You know that all over chill you get when the air around you is electric and full of passion? I could feel that chill rush over the entire audience as Zach serenaded us with his music. http://akronist.com/zach-ignites-soul-kirtan-based-concert-article-video/