This really is intended to be a community record. Something that brings us all together, lets us learn from each other, gives us something we’re proud of, and is great fun too! Every song but the last 2 were co-written with the artist involved. I also included a song by my friend Scott Fetterolf, who ran Scott's Folkatorium, and is sadly missed by the whole community. This is the most fun record I’ve ever been a part of.

As this CD project is a community effort, we decided to make the proceeds go to the community as well. Sales of Provenance benefit Akron nonprofit organizations.

Thank you for supporting original music.

Be the change you wish to see.

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Track List

  1. More to Learn (Charlie Mosbrook)

    charlie mosbrook

    Voted Cleveland Scene Magazines "Best Singer Songwriter" in 2011, Charlie Mosbrook is often compared to Cat Stevens, John Gorka, and Greg Brown for his dynamic baritone voice, understated guitar technique,  and inspired lyrics. With 25 years as a performer and composer, Charlie presents his music with a relaxed confident simplicity with a mix of sincerity, humor and passion.

    Beginning as a street musician in 1988, Charlie is now consistently heard on with his instrumental "Beckey's Ballet". His music has been performed by many acts including Jim Volk, Carlos Jones, Alan Grandy, and Andy Cohen. He has received praise for songwriting and performance by Folk Alliance leadership and was invited to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and museum by Curator Robert Santelli.

    Currently Charlie preforms as a solo act and in a duo with Avin Loki Baird and Steel Farkus often accompanies on bass during local shows. In his ongoing effort to build community through music, Charlie has been a regular host to many popular open mics throughout Northeast Ohio, as well as coordinating songwriting workshops at the neighborhood library. His newest CD "Something To Believe"(2013) is his 10th full length release. It features performances with some of the many people that have influenced him through the years.

    Becoming an incomplete quadriplegic in 2010, he regularly performs for patients recovering at Cleveland's MetroHealth Spinal Cord Injury unit. Despite his own physical limitations, He regularly performs throughout Northeast Ohio and tours periodically.

  2. Patron Saint (Brent Kirby)

    brent kirby

    Last year, Kirby won our "Best Musician" poll; this year, it's his voice that Clevelanders want to celebrate. Whether it's his original alt-country jams or his classic Gram Parsons covers, Kirby is a gifted crooner with just enough gravel in his gullet to appeal to listeners all over the city. He's a prolific writer and busy club tourist, and his rustic down-home country songs have struck a memorable note. Keep it simple, says Kirby in his song "I'm Just a Man." Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  3. Echo Coming Home (Randi Driscoll)

    randi driscoll

    Randi Driscoll is an award winning singer/songwriter who has shared the stage with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Jason Mraz, Bruce Hornsby, Cyndi Lauper, Dave Koz, Pat Benetar, Rufus Wainwright and numerous others. Her accolades include; two special mentions in Rolling Stone Magazine and Campus Activities Magazine’s Female Performer of the Year and Best Small Venue Performer, 2004/ Randi’s music has been featured in films, a commercial directed by Spike Lee and the hit series Dawson’s Creek. Randi’s performance credits include appearances at the Lincoln center, The Seattle Opera House, The Walnut Creek Theater, the Joint (Las Vegas), the Japan Center for the Arts (LA), Place des Artes (Montreal), Paramount Studios, The National HRC Dinner honoring Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and hundreds of clubs, theaters, colleges and universities nationwide.

    Randi is perhaps best known for her song What Matters, a benefit single that has raised more than $45,000 for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, whose goal is to replace hate with understanding, compassion and acceptance. A documentary about What Matters has won several film festival awards and the song was featured in the NBC film, The Matthew Shepard Story. Severla choirs have performed the choral version of Randi’s song (arranged by Kevin Robison), including the GMCLA, live at Disney Hall, and the NYGMC live on stage at Carnegie Hall.

    Randi tours year round promoting her independent music and has successfully moved over 20,000 copies of her original music.

    Randi is a trained actress, pianist, and vocalist, and she has appeared in commercials, documentaries, and most recently alongside Mary McDonnell and Bradley Whitford in the Laramie Project, Epilogue at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

  4. When You Sit Still (Emma Shepard)

    emma shepard

    Emma Shepard is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Akron, OH who comes from a very musical family. Her mother was the lead singer for the legendary New Wave band Unit 5 and her father has owned Time Traveler Records for over thirty years. Emma has been singing ever since she can remember and started writing her own music in middle school. She grew up in musical theater and had lead roles in Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, and several more shows. She has an EP on Bandcamp called "Twin Sized Bed" and is wrapping up a full length record now. On the side, Emma illustrates, writes and publishes her own comics and zines and makes pretty coffee drinks. After hearing a couple of Emma's early songs, pop culture author Chuck Klosterman said, "obviously, this girl has talent."

  5. Roots (Rachel Roberts)

    rachel roberts

    A classically trained operatic prodigy, her voice—mesmerizing, room-altering power underpinned by fragile seductiveness—imbues these songs with a life even greater than the broad spectrum of experiences they chronicle. Her body of work—four albums to her name—is a cross-section of folk, sweet tart jazz, and sultry, blues-tinged Led Zeppelin rock. Rachel Roberts’ solo albums, “Ripe n’ Juicy,” and “Lighting Loves the Kite,” deemed her a “folk rock troubadour.” Soon she fronted her own band, RACHEL’S SECRET STACHE, which released two albums, “The Brown Bag” and “Alive in the Dungeon.” The addition of a band led her to be compared to The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    After a tour in the summer of 2011 where she brought her brand of on-stage swagger and playful sexuality to the West Coast, Rachel Roberts made a permanent move to LA. She filmed a video in Chicago for her single, “A Drink in the City,” and continues to work with the 93 Cents For Flight 93 campaign. All proceeds from the single “You Won’t Stand Alone” go toward the completion of the United 93 National Memorial. She is currently writing and recording her next album with her new project SEXIS SIXES, a collaboration of vintage pop and retro rock with songwriter Ryan Beke, who lives in Boston.

  6. Flower Child (Kristine Jackson)

    kristine jackson

    Kristine has faced many health issues since 2010 and it’s molded her music into something it was meant to be. In Kristine’s early years on stage she was a trumpet player backing up amazing vocalist across the country. When she stepped out on her own in 2004 to front her own band it was a natural transition. The band was a powerhouse for Blues, Roots Rock, Soul and more.  But in 2010 health issues forced Kristine to leave behind the full volume large band approach and she discovered the place where her voice can truly be heard. This incarnation of KJBlues features an acoustic vibe giving the vocals a chance to really breathe and be felt for their full, rich, soulful tones. Accompanied by players that literally breathe and phrase at the same time KJ’s new sound is truly inviting and heartfelt. Kristine may have cut her teeth in the blues world but her choice of material, both original and covered, will be appreciated by all types of music lovers.

  7. Some Love (Charlie Trenta)

    charlie trenta

    Inspiring soloist, writer, arranger, teacher, and all-around great person, guitarist Charlie Trenta serves a multi-faceted role in the unique pop group Winslow. Primarily known for his electrifying sound and intricate fretwork, behind the scenes he strives for perfection meticulously molding much of the group’s arrangements. With a strong attention to detail and a penchant for the groove, he adds a certain style and sophistication to the band that is far beyond the scope of the typical rock guitarist. Much of this can be attributed to his years of formal training in all styles of music, from classical to jazz and everything in between. Don’t be fooled by the training, however, he incites a great deal of raw soul and frenetic energy with his awe-inspiring improvisations, much like so many of his influences.

  8. Peace By Piece (Courtney Cable)

    courtney cable

    Courtney has been writing and performing across Ohio since starting college in Ohio University in 2003. She is also an accomplished jewelry artist, having her work displayed in a major studio in the region.

  9. Anyway (Maurice Martin)

    maurice martin

    Maurice Martin is most commonly known as the lead vocalist of the award-winning, soul and rock band, Winslow. However, the man is no one-trick pony. The Conneaut, Ohio native is a carefree, über-energetic vocalist who possesses the analytical, business mentality that gives him an edge in the music world.  As the front man for Winslow, Martin infuses the audience his soul in every live performance. 

    His unique vocals and energized performance style led to a recent victory in the Best Vocalist category of The Cleveland Music Awards. That same energy is the driving force behind his no-nonsense business style that many feel will make help Winslow someday be a major name in the music world. Martin often says, "There might be an artist more talented than me, but they'll never out work me...ever." It is Martin's James Brown-esque, hardest-working-man-in-show-business ethic that is propelling Winslow to the head of the pack.

  10. Not Really Falling at All (Emma Shepard)

    emma shepard

    Emma Shepard is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Akron, OH who comes from a very musical family. Her mother was the lead singer for the legendary New Wave band Unit 5 and her father has owned Time Traveler Records for over thirty years. Emma has been singing ever since she can remember and started writing her own music in middle school. She grew up in musical theater and had lead roles in Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, and several more shows. She has an EP on Bandcamp called "Twin Sized Bed" and is wrapping up a full length record now. On the side, Emma illustrates, writes and publishes her own comics and zines and makes pretty coffee drinks. After hearing a couple of Emma's early songs, pop culture author Chuck Klosterman said, "obviously, this girl has talent."

  11. Chiropractor (TM Gottl & Cameron Jones)

    tm gottl & cameron jones

    T.M. Göttl is a poet and spoken word artist who published her first full-length book of poetry,Stretching the Window, with Buffalo ZEF in 2008.  She has also published two chapbooks, Angels and Copper (Blasted Press, 2011) and A Hurricane of Moths (NightBallet Press, 2012), and her work has appeared in numerous online and print publications.  Most recently in 2013, she's won the Cleveland Museum of Art's "Poetry in the Museum" Contest as well as the City of Ventura's "Art Tales" Poetry Contest.  In 2012, she was Northeast Ohio's Grand Slam Champion, and traveled with the Lake Effect Poetry Slam Team to the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, NC.  She is currently finishing a second full-length collection, titled Unclaimed Baggage and Tax-Free Weekends, also to be published by Buffalo ZEF.  She's a vegan who is also active in the anti-fracking movement, and spends her spare time cuddling her family's three pet chickens.

  12. Magpie (Scott Franklin)

    scott franklin

    Nominated “Scene Magazine Best Songwriter of the Year,” Scott dazzels crowds with his energy and love for the audience. He was born in Emporia, Virginia. As a teenager, he moved to Ohio and attended Bowling Green State University on a trumpet scholarship. Scott has performed extensively across North America, the Bahamas, and Europe, and was a soloist with (Grammy Winner/ Motown Artist) Willie Smith’s band. He has written over 400 original songs in almost every style imaginable.

  13. Trash & Treasure (Ryan Humbert)

    ryan humbert

    “When I was young, I never knew I would end up being a singer or songwriter,” Humbert says. He would often peruse his father’s extensive CD collection, test-spinning albums by Waylon Jennings, Bob Seger, and Neil Young. “I didn’t find my niche though until I listened to Americana artists like Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Springsteen, and Lucinda Williams,” Humbert says.  “That’s the music that truly inspired me, but still I listen to everything from George Jones to Arcade Fire. I’m just drawn to hooks. I’ve bought records by The Clash and Patsy Cline at the same time.”

    Humbert attended the Pittsburgh Art Institute and graduated with a graphic arts degree.  He worked in promotions for the National Gallery of American’s Young Inventors and was the Development Director for the Akron Triple-A radio station 91.3 The Summit FM, where he created the station’s logo and helped boost membership numbers. In addition, he has also produced for many local artists, the most notable being singer Tracey Thomas, onetime singer of the Akron ‘80s new wave sensation Unit 5. Humbert’s savvy marketing approach, his networking skills, and his sincere commitment to his charity work have bolstered his music profile in an honest, fluid, and very natural way.

  14. Happiest Sad Song (David Ullman)

    david ullman

    Building a devoted fan base one passionate, furrow-browed performance at a time, Ullman began playing clubs, coffeehouses and bars in and around Kent, Ohio while finishing college and working twelve-hour-nights in a plastics factory. He’s since left both factory and college life behind, taking his tattered green Doc Martens and his bloodied, battered Martin guitar on the road from Minneapolis and Chicago, to Philadelphia and New York City.

    “One of the benefits of beginning your music career in a college town is that, after they graduate, the students who’ve made up your audience either return to where they’re from or move someplace new,” Ullman says. “I’m fortunate to have supporters in some pretty cool places.”

    Regardless of the setting, whether it’s opening for acts like Chelsea Crowell, Iris DeMent, Hamell On Trial, Need To Breathe, or Rusted Root on theater and club stages; returning to his old stomping grounds to play in the Kent State Folk Festival; headlining his own annual gig at Akron’s Musica; or a private house concert, Ullman’s most valuable asset is his ability to relate to an audience.

    Listeners easily identify with the extreme highs, the obliterating lows and the hazy in-betweens reflected in his songs. Slightly gravelly vocals, which crescendo from the barest whisper to a barely-controlled roar, lend Ullman’s earnest and raw confessions a grace and sincerity rarely found in today’s music.

    “For me,” he says, “even though I might sing about intense, sad-sounding subjects, the goal is always to transcend the darkness by giving voice to it. It’s catharsis. I don’t usually sing songs when I’m happy. I guess you could say I sing sad songs to get happy.”

  15. Realization Song (Diana Chittester)

    diana chittester

    Growing up as the daughter of a Methodist minister from “small town PA,” Diana soon discovered the power of lyrics when her music began to question the religious structure of her adolescent years. Chittester’s decision to come out as an open lesbian woman created a harsh distance between her and her family. As a result, Diana’s musical direction changed when she began speaking at high school and colleges about her struggles with her sexuality and the practices of the Methodist church. “Give Love a Fighting Chance” was the first Equality campaign Chittester launched under her artist-run record label, Fighting Chance Records, to bring awareness to the importance of tolerance and acceptance among LGBTQ youth. The Fighting Chance team regularly builds events that further help various non-profits and enlighten the public on the work of the organizations.
    Based out of Cleveland, OH since 2008, Diana’s musical career began to gain momentum when she landed opening positions with artists such as Melissa Ferrick, Catie Curtis, Jennifer Batten (lead guitarist for Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck), Kelly Richey, Donnie Iris, X Factor runner up Josh Krajcik, and nationally known comedians Vickie Shaw and Suzanne Westenhoefer. In less than three years she went on to headline her own shows at venues such as the Cleveland House of Blues and the Winchester Music Hall while gaining regional attention playing festivals and music clubs throughout the Midwest to Northeast regions. With the release of her first full length album in 2012, In This Skin, Diana made a significant leap from local talent to a regionally touring artist.

  16. Be (Colin John)

    colin john

    An accomplished, versatile musician, Colin commands the stage with both his guitar prowess and passionate singing. He is equally at home and engaging playing both acoustic and electric styles.

    Based on The Big Island of Hawai'i, Colin John,"The Transpacific Bluesman" is internationally regarded and recognized as a unique musician, possessing world class skills on acoustic, resonator and electric guitars.
    As a slide player, Colin's facility at both lap and bottleneck styles as well as his formidable fingerpicking skills are impressive.

    His command and synthesis of genres including blues, soul, rock and roll and Hawaiian was described by the British music magazineMojo as, “Ferociously entertaining funked-up R&B” by Blues Revue Magazine as, "Mississippi Meets Maui" and Guitar Player Magazine said,

    "This is what Jimi Hendrix might have sounded like if he abandoned the rat race, moved to Hawaii, taken up surfing and let the sun and waves bestow their laid-back highs."
    2011 finds Colin playing internationally in both solo acoustic performances and with his electric power trio, The Colin John Band.

    Colin also collaborates with Hawaiian musicians Kalani Souza and Chris Shaeffer on a national theatre/music production based on ecological issues called, "The Big Blue O".

    In addition to live performances, Colin works with the Maui-based Arts Education for Children Group helping children to realize their musical ambitions through learning about music and performing.

  17. Iceland (Scott Fetterolf)

    scott fetterolf

Recorded at UHF Studios, Cleveland, and Clear Gold Audio in Akron.
Engineered by Chris Maneri and Christopher Pepe.
Mixed by Christopher Pepe.
Happiest Sad Song Recorded by Kyle Collins at RCR Studios
Mixed by Jake Fader
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio.
Clear Gold Audio -
Akron Peace Project -
Bettianne Flanders (Flanders Publicity) -

Lyrics are here: