Shaila Lyrics

Antelope Flats 

Sea of green sage far as I can see far as I can dream 
Accents in between yellow blossoms silent subtlety 
Oh my eyes cannot behold the scope
Oh my life is a bouquet by the road 

Cottonwood aspen & pines in sacred lines dance to a beat of time 
Tall as they can be their tales are told as the birds sing 
Oh my heart is the downbeat 
Oh my mind is never gonna leave 

Chorus: Just like the field where roam the buffalo 
        I will graze through your love til it’s all I know 
        Til I’m home I’m home 
        Like a river flows down from you – never-ending truth 

Seat of wild grace coyote face in stillness what is want 
Clouds begin to paint on canvas blue a portrait of you 
Oh my life is a cloud you could say 
Oh why do I forget it’s play 


Prostrate to the mountain high 
Embrace the herd like a child 
Clearing through the sage 
Feeling One and the same 

Oh my mind is bathed in the breeze 



Coyote & Badger  

Maybe I’ve been misleading a time or two  
Maybe my plans are fleeting  
Maybe I’m lazy well these are lazy days  
Maybe I’ve been waiting for you  

Dusk sets me singing doesn’t it for you  
These days are made for running  
You’re protesting but I see through you  

Chorus: I never meant to trick you, I never meant to trick you  
          But I want you to play  
          I will sing out for you, a story of our truth  
          You know you’re much too serious  
          These days, these days

Sometimes I get carried away it is true  
But you are insane  
Maybe we could work together who knows what we could do  
Maybe we could lie in the flowers with the moon  

Life is for living don’t you see  
Dust is not worth holding  
This breath is for a symphony  


Words that do not rhyme do not equate a lie  
Don’t you see my smile  
Once I tried to fly and fell from a height  
I can no longer see  
But I cannot forget how small things get  
When I look around  
Time will bring change and you will surely break  
If you lose your laugh  

Chorus 2: Let go of supposed to’s, Let go of supposed to’s  
              Don’t hesitate 


Walk Up to the Sky 

It’s hard to believe you can walk up to the sky  
Fields of wildflowers, fields of life  
One foot in front of the other, the path winds  
Birdsong symphonies play like opening night  

I only want to feel the breath of this place  

Chorus: Rising Up, to where there is  
       Only Love, Only Us  
       Rising Up 

It’s hard to believe we were just down below  
I look into existence I barely see a road  
Economy and politics have never made the hike  
I think of my importance but I’m nothing, nothing in sight  

I only want to feel the breath of this place  


There is no direction you can’t see  
On the mountain, mountain of sheep  
Stones, stones and ladybugs  
Million stories of Mother’s touch  




My Himalayas 

Carved out from the dreams that we shared, long ago 
Tall as the hope of man, but stronger 
I feel You calling                
I fall at Your feet 

Your coat of pines and wildflowers, Your tattoos of stone 
Your lakes lay like tears from Your eyes, tears of a Mother 
I feel You calling                
Inside of my sleep 

Chorus: My (my) Himalayas  Oh my (Thy) Love leads the way 

Eagles fly and wolves howl, song of gratitude 
Long as the reach of the kind, but longer 
I feel You calling                
Light washes us clean 


Oh teach me to see                    Oh this in everything 
Oh I seek guidance                     Oh to stand in sacred silence 

I feel You calling                
You are my bones 


From the dust to the ice to the snow to the stone 
From the bloom to the life to the branch to the heart exposed 
From the rain to the clouds to the mud to the season’s glow 
From the rivers rushing down Your face to feed us all 
To feed us all 




Forged in the fire of molten stone  
Caverns of desire this heart was born  
Hewn from the spires that sought to reach higher  

An amplifier formed out of snow and limestone  
Called upon the choir from rocks as it rose  
And it rose up to rewire all that was known before  

Chorus: The center of relation lies at top of Moran  
All my quotations are more stone than man  
Adaptations are reflections as you stand  
This celebration of heart in heartland  
Centered from Moran …  

Jackson Lake sits at your feet  
Still the waves of your devotee  
Covered in clouds or blue sky bound  
You are bound to feel that all that was known still soars  


Sky to shore you are a bridge  
Calling down Mother with Mother’s kiss  
Sky to shore seasons thread  
You say more in words unsaid  



Lupine Meadow 

Sitting on a boulder sprawled out in a meadow 
Placed in this exact spot by ice and tectonic renewal 
Just beyond the pine trees just below the waterfall 
The first place I go in my mind to catch my fall 

Chorus: All of my life is blossom on lupine meadow 
          All of the time what I thought was change was just a shadow 
          Blooming, blooming, blooming 
          Indigo … 

The rushing waters sound even louder than my brain 
My thoughts can really dance but they don’t know my name 
The elk just live here foraging through the afternoon 
How can there be so much space but we never have enough room 

Chorus: All of my life is a blossom on lupine meadow 
               All of the time what I heard was just my echo 
               Blooming, blooming, blooming 
               Indigo … 

Blue sky looking up, Teewonot looking up, Daylight waking up 
That which we express only by breathing 
Blue sky looking up, Tetons looking up, sage shrines taking up 
That which we express only through being 
Blue sky looking up, Teewonot looking up, My mind looking up, My lines meeting up 
Bear kind gracing us, One life embracing us, One light meeting up, One light 




Wide open space  
Snow barely stays away  
You could touch the Breccia peaks  
Hands in the sky, the sky in your feet  

Chorus: O Togwotee …  

One curve and your lost  
Keep a close eye on your thoughts  
But if you want to roam  
Set your feet to go, go, go!  


If I think of Heaven  
It is in this meadow  
You could touch time  
Loose your feet, lose your mind  


Oh oh …


Dances & Moves  

She dances & moves in time as time  
She kicks and grooves a tango sublime  
Was there always song or is She Melody  
Is Her breath the heartbeat of all things  

She dances from the ice and rock that touches the clouds  
A wild deluge she carves Her steps out  

She dances and moves in time as time she’s a wild deluge  
She dances and spins born of ice bet Her heart is burning  
Born of ice but Her heart is still burning  

She glances at you through leaves and bark and dew  
She is standing still Her silence is renewal  
Is there any light between Her and green  
Between Her darkness and spring  
Between a flower and Being  

She dances and moves in time as time a wild deluge… 


Om Devi 

Om Devi Shailaputryai Namaha  

Chorus: Jai Ma, Jai Jai Ma  

Om Devi Shailaputryai Namaha  


Om Devi Shailaputryai Namaha 



Oh-oh oh …  

Afremov sun waking  
Shades of purple, pink and gold flaking remaking  
Every canvas from stone to sage  
Silver mist dilating aching  
Laying on the ground like a lover in waiting  
From tongue to tongue lost in translating  

And Dawn swells 
Like the dance that 
Created the world  

Chorus: oh oh-oh-oh mother is waking up 
oh oh-oh-oh some days I'm just a cub 
oh oh-oh-oh mother is waking up 
oh oh-oh-oh today is looking up  

Wide open spaces, ageless  
Streams like vivacious shoelaces  
Flower after flower blooms as I say it's name  
We walk out paces, faces lit up  

The land embraces and traces our trust  
And in the end, we're just bears in a poem about love  

And Dawn swells  
As the dance that  
Created the world  


The song of the free  
Awaken evergreen  
You contravene  
But I see the mystery  

Oh …  



Pacific Creek 

Maybe it’s the Grizzly roaming the hills 
Maybe it’s the feeling the forest fulfills 
Ever-changing clouds there’s winter on the wind 
Never mind the season the ancient dawns again 

I am drawn to the flowers, a rainbow underfoot 
The meadow showers in every color it could 

Chorus: Pacific creek         Oh I dream like your waters flow 
        Pacific creek   You speak in the tongue of ancient stones 
        I believe you’re beyond the reach of time 

Maybe it’s Two Ocean with Her willowed shore 
Maybe it’s the feeling you’re looking behind the door 
Verdant forest full and whispering 
Climb to the ridge for the mountain offering 

I am drawn to the sage, wisdom fields renew 
Fragrant cleansing I know where Truth grows 


From Grand View the only hue is Mother’s face 
Tetons stretch and soothe with prostrate Jackson Lake 
All I seek are whispers from eternity 

Verso Solo 

I am drawn to the wolves, howling at my back 
Every song is prayer, everyone’s in the pack 



Everything comes together  
Where the river bends  
Echoes of lifetimes like shadows on water  
Mountain is silent playful daughter  

Chorus: Great circle of life keep on spinning  
              Whatever the page it's still beginning  
              I lay down my bones, will I ever let go  
             She says follow Me if you wanna know  

Four-legged nation's, with wing and in water  
Life is abundant, why do you doubt you are  

Chorus 2: Great circle of life keep on spinning  
                 Whatever the page there is no ending  
                 The water flows, am I a stone  
                 She says you're the one thing needed most  

I want to show you, but you must want to move  
I flow a million Niles, you're made of sky but you speak denials  

Everything comes together  

Where the river bends  

Chorus 1  

She says come with Me you already know  

… outro … 


Small Still Flame  

Not lost     nor do I wander  
Lands crossed  map surrendered  
I am a pilgrim (3x)  
Making my way through the temple of your heart  

Sacred drum   eastern light  
Voices sound  somewhere deep inside  
I am a pilgrim (3x)  
Making my way through your words to your heart  

Heart …  

Fairly tales   flowers in the moon  
Cedar smoke  dancing residues  
I am a pilgrim (3x)  
Making my way through the painting to the very spark  

Spark …  

The land doesn’t change   any more  
I am not the same a new wave  upon the shore  
Song screams and prays  Bloody knees these days  
Land of dreams   land of today  
Will I reach  that small still flame  

Not lost   the wild is lover  
Paths crossed  smile ascending  
I am a pilgrim (3x)  
Making my way through the temple of your heart  

Heart …



The Earth, she laughs in flowers  
This meadow is hysterical  
Such joy in every color  
No more monochromatic rule  

Even dandelions being to bear something great  
Words fail, fail to capture the scope this scene elevates  

Oh the mountain shows us 
One look and we all agree 
Time is ever-waiting 
For us to act accordingly  

Chorus: Wide eyes always see 
Blue skies and new meanings 
This height makes it clear 
All that matters is the love we volunteer  

Everyday these wildflowers  
See the world from up here  
Snow capped and distant mountains  
No place, no root for fear  

Oh the mountain shows us 
One look and we all agree 
Time is ever-waiting 
For us to live more compassionately  



Chorus: Wide eyes always see  
                Night sky and the dawning  



Where Such Beauty Resides 

I went searching for true beauty 
I found it in your face 
In the light that inhabits your leaves 
The wings that fill your space 

There is something of magic 
Where such beauty resides 
To stand in witness 
Of where the heart never hides 

Chorus: falling at your feet … 
            Someday I'll grow into me 

Went searching for something 
I could not define 
Was it all caught up in Love 
Was it my last lifeline 

There is something of magic 
Where confusion breaks you down 
The cottonwood is witness 
To the heart that never doubts 


Someday I'll grow beyond a seed 

Generations, ge-generations come to call 
Generations, ge-generations return home 
All my relations, all my relations come to call 
Your face, engrossing face, your face a portrait of the them all 


Someday I'll sing your memories 

There is something of magic, oh ohh          Where such beauty Resides, oh ohh 
Falling at your feet …                                  Someday I'll walk steady 





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